How do I get the URL to download my backup file from Amazon S3?

To generate Web URL for a particular file(s)

- Select the file(s) for which you want to generate web URL(s).

- Right click on it and choose "Generate Web URL" option.

- It will open 'Generate Web Urls' window.

To generate different types of URL, you need to select the following options.

Select Domain Name from the Combo box that exists on top of the left side panel.

Select URL type radio option button as HTTP or HTTPS

Select URL Format radio option button on which format you want to form your URLs.

Default URL

Virtual Host URL

Torrent URL

Signed URL

 - Click on “Copy” to copy the selected URL or Copy all to copy multiple URLs into clipboard. Copy URL allows you to copy selected URL.

- Click on Exit button to close the "Generate Web URL" window.

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