How can I configure Google Drive as my backup destination?

To upload backup file to GoogleDrive we need to create a Google (Drive) Service Account.

1) You can configure an project, from this address:
2) Create new project (if not exists).
3) After successfully create project page redirect to project list. Click the project name for creating service account under selected project.
4) Select Service accounts option from menu. and click on Create service account button.
5) Enter the Service account name and click CREATE button.
6) After successfully create service account page redirect to service account list page. Click on Create key in option tab
7) Select key type JSON and click on CREATE button to get service account json file. This file you need to upload while configuring backup destination as Google Drive.
8) To store backup file in google drive need to enable "Google Drive API" for this click on left menu and select Library as shown in below image
9) Enable the Google Drive API click on ENABLE button.

Please refer here to see the tutorial with screenshots.

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