How can I install the backupCP script on my own domain?

If you do not wish to enter your cPanel or Amazon S3 login info on the backupcp portal you can download the script and install it on your own domain. Here are the steps to install backupcp on your own domain.

1. Login to BackupCP Members area using link,

2. Now Click on "Setup your Backup"

3. Now, it will show "My Product and Services"

4. Click on "Download Setup"

5.  Note the API Key and secret Key. Click on Download

6. Click on "BackupCP 1.1 (Beta)" to start the download. You will get the "backupcp.tar.gz" file. 

7. Upload the "backupcp.tar.gz" file in the public_html folder of your cPanel account. If you have a reseller account, make sure you upload the file under the reseller user. 

8. Extract the file. You can do this from "File Manager" in your cPanel. 

9. Browse the folder from your browser. For example, if you have uploaded file to, your URL to browse will be like,

10. Here you will be asked for API key and secret key to login. Use the keys you got in step 5 to login. 

11. Further steps to configure are same as "configure from portal".

Please refer the following video :

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