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Backup Store

Amazon S3
Google Drive


All the features you will ever need, you will found in BackupCP.

Root Access NOT needed

Reseller user can also schedule backup of there clients

Multiple Backup Options

Setup your backup store like Remote FTP, Amazon S3, Google Drive and Dropbox

Account Selection

Enable or Disable individual cPanel account for backup


Free Space

On Signup you will get Free FTP space for backup.

Schedule Backup

You can schedule backup with Daily, weekly and monthly options

30 Days retention

Can schedule daily backup for up to 30 days retention

Our Pricing


30 Days Free Trail
  • Backup unlimited cPanel accounts in your reseller WHM using the script.


Monthly Plan
  • Backup your single cPanel account using the script or from our portal.


Monthly Plan
  • Backup Unlimited cPanel accounts in your
    reseller WHM.

About Backupcp

Backup in your hand

Is the backup of your websites in your control?

Are all your websites on a cPanel server and is the backup of all your websites in your control or in control of the Web Host?

What if your web hosting provider is not keeping the backups running properly?

What if your web hosting provider’s infrastructure crashes completely one day?

What if your web hosting provider company shuts down completely (Yes that has happened) one day?

Many if’s which can destroy your business. Get your websites backups in your control. With BackupCP backup your cPanel and Reseller WHM account to a location owned by you. Keep your backups on Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox or anywhere you can FTP/SFTP.

Backup Steps
Backup Steps

Set your backups once & it will keep running

You can select to run your backups daily, weekly or monthly. Retain number of daily backups. Run the weekly/monthly backups on choice of your day. You will get the notification of backups done every time it`s complete or if something goes wrong. Once the backup is set you don’t need to do anything further.


Backupcp Videos

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